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Charms Advantage

  • Excellent Facilities
  • Student Visa Counseling and Guidance
  • Very High visa Success Rate
  • Personalized Attention by Directors
  • Quick acknowledgment of Offers Letters from Colleges & Universities (SPP & NON SPP)
  • Acceptance on Merit basis
  • Quick Processing of Student Visa Applications
  • Arrangement of Temporary Accommodation, Airport Pickup in Canada*

Why study in Canada?

Canadian universities and Colleges are highly regarded around the world. Courses in Canada offer great value for money – tuition fees are lower than many other English-speaking countries, and the cost of living is affordable.

You can learn both English and French in Canada – and with two national languages, universities in Canada are experts in language studies.

When you study in Canada, you will find a safe and welcoming community, have access to excellent health care, and enjoy a wide range of activities in all seasons – from snowing in the winter to sailing and festivals in the summer.

Study in Canada opens up many opportunities to work in North America when you graduate – after completing a course in Canada you can stay and work for up to 3 years*.

You can also work part-time*during your studies – making it easier to get great work experience, and save money.

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Hotel Krishna Continental
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Hotel Regenta Fort Klassik
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Hotel The Taj
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